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Brass Paracord Bead Octopus

Brass Paracord Bead Octopus

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🦷 Height: 1 1/32" (26 mm)
🦷 Width: 43/64" (17 mm)
🦷 Depth: 23/32" (18 mm)
🦷 Hole: 13/64" (5 mm)
🦷 Weight: 0.46 oz (13 g)

When ordering a bead, paracord lanyard as a GIFT 🎁

Hand Made x Ukraine Made 

Paracord bead Octopus was created in order to please its owner with its appearance. It will make your accessory unique, it can be hung on a lanyard and thereby it will decorate your knife, bracelet or keychain.
The lanyard beads are made exclusively by hand, cast from high-quality brass, finished with a black coating & polishing that will wear over time, giving it a unique distressed look.
You can buy a Octopus EDC bead for a lanyard in our online store, thereby complement your favorite accessory.

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