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Set of Single Knuckle Brass SFK 03 Stab Wood & Brass Knife Lanyard Bead Fighting Bear

Set of Single Knuckle Brass SFK 03 Stab Wood & Brass Knife Lanyard Bead Fighting Bear

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Exclusive Keychain Set - Stabilized Spalted Alder Wood with Transparent Polymer with Blue Glitters / Hybrid / Paracord Bead - Fighting Bear in Brass / EDC

The set includes:
- Stabilized Oak Suvel Wood Keychain
- Paracord Lanyard
- Paracord Bead - Fighting Bear


EDC Keychain

One finger Stabilized wood Keychain EDC Craft is the most effective accessory, which highlights your courage and individual style
Hand Made x Ukraine Made

In your pocket. With your keys. EDC.
Machined from billet Stabilized wood, this stylish accessory will add that little extra style to your life and will help you in a bad times

Main advantages:

- Can use in preferable hand, due to universal slot for fingers
- Keychain EDC Craft made of Stabilized wood
- Absolutely legal using of it, because ergonomic Keychain does not fit into any category of cold weapon;
- Thanks to format EDC you can enjoy by a small, multifunctional and compact tool.
- Stylish appearance, corporate logo, smooth, streamlined shape makes Keychain not only functional but also beautiful.


Height - 2  3/64’’ (52 mm.)
Width - 1 15/32’’ (37 mm.)
Thickness - 43/64 (17 mm.)
Finger hole diameter - 31/32 (24.5 mm.)

I can modify and customize per finishes, clip orientation etc so please contact me if you have any questions.

DISCLAIMER: This is EDC Keychain. Should be used as intended.
No other use of this item is endorsed, encouraged or implied.

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