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Two Finger Knuckle Brass DFK 03 Purple Anodizing Type 2

Two Finger Knuckle Brass DFK 03 Purple Anodizing Type 2

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EDC Keychain

Two finger (Double) Duralumin Keychain EDC Craft is the most effective accessory, which highlights your courage and individual style
Hand Made x Ukraine Made 

In your pocket. With your keys. EDC.
Machined from billet Duralumin , this stylish accessory will add that little extra style to your life and will help you in a bad times

Main advantages:

- Can use in preferable hand, due to universal slot for 2 fingers
- Keychain EDC Craft made of Duralumin
- Absolutely legal using of it, because ergonomic Keychain does not fit into any category of cold weapon;
- Thanks to format EDC you can enjoy by a small, multifunctional and compact tool.
- Stylish appearance, corporate logo, smooth, streamlined shape makes Keychain not only functional but also beautiful.


Material - Duralumin 7075 (AlZnMgCu1.5)

Coating -  Type II Purple Decorative Anodizing

Height - 2 13/64’’ (56 mm.)
Width - 2 13/32’’ (61 mm.)
Thickness - 43/64 (17 mm.)
Finger hole diameter - 31/32 (24.5 mm.)

Weight - 3.24 oz. / 92 grams.

Production: EDC Craft

I can modify and customize per finishes, please contact me if you have any questions.

DISCLAIMER: This is EDC Keychain should be used as intended.
No other use of this item is endorsed, encouraged or implied.

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